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Things to consider when shopping online for jewelry

Shopping for jewelry, especially important pieces like an engagement ring or anniversary gift doesn’t have to be stressful, and you shouldn’t worry about receiving anything other than what you expect. In fact, hopefully the jewelry you purchase exceeds your expectations, as the piece could be something that you wear and cherish for years to come. But before you buy jewelry online, there are certain things to consider when shopping online for jewelry, and we’ll go through them here. Make sure the jeweler has an online presence If you aren’t savvy enough to have a website, a Facebook page, and an online storefront such as http://tanzaniteringshq.com, I would recommend staying away from that jeweler or online seller. The store doesn’t have to be a top 10 Instagram Influencer or have an incredibly witty string of tweets, but they should have something online more than just a one-page website with pictures that look five years old. How are their photos, images, and videos (yes videos!)? Aside from a web presence, the seller you pick should also have quality images of their jewelry. Can you recognize stock photography if you see it? You can do a quick Google Image search to see if the image has been taken from any other site. Or check Pinterest, as that is often a good indicator of whether a certain ring or picture is popular on the internet as a “representation” of what you’re purchasing. Videos are the best, however, because – especially for colored gemstones like tanzanite, pictures can be doctored to seem more brilliant or inductions can even be removed. Videos are harder (not impossible though) to tamper with, and so if you can see a video of a jewelry piece, you can more truly examine its quality and color. Get in touch and communicate Especially if you’re purchasing an expensive piece, like a tanzanite engagement ring, or a gemstone and diamond tennis bracelet, you need to get in touch with your seller and communicate. If you’re purchasing from a jeweler or metalsmith on Etsy or Amazon, this should be fairly easy, but pay attention to their response time, and their attitude towards you, even as a potential customer. If you are looking at a reputable online seller instead, like tanzaniteringsHQ.com, make sure that whomever you are dealing with has a means of contact, and that they too respond promptly to your inquires. Bear in mind that some of these people or businesses might be busy, but you want to make sure that your business is important to them too. Check out all the options You might fall in love with the first piece of tanzanite jewelry you find, and if you feel comfortable with that, go for it! But otherwise, I recommend that you check out all the options, especially when buying jewelry online. You have so many options to choose from, just make sure that what you find is (1) still available (sometimes inventories fluctuate); (2) is the style and design you want; and (3) is within your price range. Remember, if you find something close, you can always contact that seller and see if they do custom orders, or have anything similar to show you. What’s their promise and mission? With so many sellers available, consider a business’ promise and mission. While this might be more important to certain individuals, I think that especially when it comes to jewelry and gemstones such as diamonds or other stones that can be unethically sourced or sold on the black market, it is important to make sure that the jeweler’s or seller’s promise and mission match your morals and standards. I recommend only buying responsibly sourced, ethnically conscious, and conflict-free jewelry. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and if you’re not satisfied with the answers you receive, move on!